Safe With Me (With Me in Seattle, #5) - Kristen Proby
What I Hoped For

I've been following this couple along from previous books in this series. I was excited to finally read about Caleb's & Brynna's story. I was afraid that the author would play a tiresome 'cat-&-mouse' game w/this couple, but she didn't. For that, I'm thankful. I also enjoyed the kiddies in this read. Kiddies in romances can be a hit-or-miss like for me. This one was obviously one of my hits.

Overall, this book went the way I hoped it would. It had the hotness I was hoping for. The passion between Caleb & Brynna was what I hoped for. I got the clarity of Brynna's past & as to why her girls & her were in hiding - AND - a digestible explanation of Caleb's originally resistance to a romantical relationship with Brynna that I hoped. Most importantly, the love between Caleb & Brynna was as sweet as I hoped it would be. At book's end, I was left happy & content.

As a contemporary author, KP works for me. I may not like all her couples & their individual personalities, per se. Nevertheless, I like her hot, sexy stories she provides between age appropriate adults that's not angsty. My friends turned me onto KP & this series in particular. I haven't been disappointed yet, so I'll be back for KP's next one. Once again, I anticipate Matt's & Nic's story being a good one!