Forget Me Not - Jade Goodmore
Not Bad, Not Bad

Wasn't the best thing I ever read, but definitely wasn't the worst either. This is the kind of contemporary romances I like: Low, reasonable price; mature adult characters who've graduated passed college; & no over traumatic drama that leaves you feeling depressed. I didn't necessarily buy all the H's woe's & reasons for ditching the h in the 1st place. I also hated how he promises the h she will "never regret it" if she gives them a 2nd chance, but once again dumps her over some slight,stupid reason resulting in us readers having to read about way too much crying. But then again, this process is all part of what I call the "end of the book break-up" every single contemporary romance book seems to do @ 80% into the book to create that last minute drama. The problem is authors never really seem to make it work, & it usually cost a book a point in overall rating for me.

However, I found the desire & the attraction the H & h had for one another pretty dawg gone hot. I also liked that the H was so totally into the h & never paid any mind to any other woman. I do think it's a worthwhile read, & I will read the next book released by this author if it sound interesting.