Against the Ropes - Sarah Castille
Uhh.. No! Give Me a TWINKIE Over This Book's KINKY Any Old Day!!

I think this book was suppose to be all erotic & kinky & sexy... but ahh... all what I ended up feeling was... A-W-K-W-A-R-D!!

This hero supposedly likes a certain 'kink' when it came to getting his funk on. I get that. BUT, even if a dude is into the "kinky", it doesn't mean he can't be suave about it... the boy's still gotta have some "game", if you know what I mean. Well... if your 1st go-at-it with a gal results in her being all served up like Thanksgiving dinner - I'm just going to leave it @ that - you know something's not working. THEN... when the dude whips out "some kind of collapsible swing arm stand" device - never mind asking who carries something like that around in the 1st place - I think it's safe to say: 1. AWKWARD! 2. This boy "ain't got no game!"

Now the heroine, she's not going to be whipping out any "collapsible swing arm stand" devices for her kink. No, she'll just make do with what she has... even if it's sitting on her vibrating cell phone! Again, I'm just going to leave it @ that.

Sigh. To each their own. Not my kind of "kinky". Like stated, I'd rather have a twinkie.