Gemini - Penelope Ward One aspect of this book gave me the creeps, but the love & devotion the H had toward the h won me over. He was so totally into the h - just like I like my H to be.

The Creep Factor & The H's Secret:

The H is the ex-boyfriend of the h's dead twin sister - a twin the h didn't even know about. (The h was adopted.) The H & twin sis dated when he was 22 & she was 18 - his 1st luv. The sis wanted to get too serious; the H felt young & wanted to sow some wild oats. The sis catches the H "curiously" kissing another gal. Sis takes off upset & gets in a wreck. She's in a coma for awhile. It turns out that she was pregnant & lost the baby. The H feels horrible & guilty. He dedicates himself to her. The sis briefly comes out of the coma & asks the H to find her sister, the h. Then sis dies later that night.

12 yrs later, w/the help of the dead twin's adopted parents (yeah, I know - another thing to wrap around your head), the h is found working @ a diner. The H goes to see h w/the intentions of telling her about her twin sis. What he doesn't expect is to get totally tongue-tied @ the sight of her. Not seeing nor feeling the dead twin @ all when he looks @ the h, he later realizes he's fallen instantly in luv w/the h @ 1St sight. (Has nothing to do w/her looking like the sis. I believe that too.)

The kind of neat thing the author did to the flip side of the dead twin creep factor, there were little signs that sis had a hand in steering the H & h together from beyond. (The h being a Gemini - meaning twin - name of the book - kind of things.) Kind of creepy & neat @ the same time, but you do end up feeling that the H & h are truly meant to be together.

If you can ignore the creep factor (IDK, maybe some won't think it's creepy), I do recommend this one. Like I stated, it was all about how totally into this h the H was. Once he saw the h, she was it for him! She was all he thought about. No one else would do once he found the h. In my book, that's how it should be. I luv, luv Hs like that! Because of that, this author gave me one satisfying read leaving me happy. Yeah!