Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey
A Double Book

The is book almost reads as 2 books for me: Vegas & after Vegas. Both of which had different vibes to them. So, I'm going to rate them as 2 different books:

1st half: 4.25 - 2nd half: 3.25 - Overall book: 3.75

1st half of the book:
It's more humorous & entertaining w/the gal pals. The gal pals aren't really in the 2nd half of the book. Boy are they missed. I think this author's greatest talent is her ability to write witty dialog between the characters. The book's 1st half had a superb balance of descriptive text vs. character dialogue. The dialogue was entertaining & witty. The characters' interaction was spot on. The author did a good job letting readers know what's going on w/the characters w/o overwriting what they were thinking. I hate when authors repetitively write the characters thoughts over & over. Also hate when authors over describe scenes w/a bunch of unnecessary description. That stunts story flow; thus, hindering story progression. I HATE THE FRUSTRATION OF A SLOW STORY. Was so not the case in the 1st half of this book.

2nd half of the book:
The book's vibe totally changed the 2nd half of the book - after Vegas. It deals more w/the the H's & h's relationship. It's a different cast & setting @ the H's home w/his family. Lot more smex scenes, which I thought were pretty hot. While the 2nd half is still pretty good - especially compared to other books out there - it does lose its momentum. Gone & missing is the entertaining, witty dialogue between the gal pals - which was this author's 'shining' talent in the book's 1st half. I got somewhat bored @ times. The author writes less dialogue & writes more descriptive scenes & more about the characters' thoughts. Not so entertaining - snoozer. It started getting repetitive. One can only read about the h's life plan so much. We know she had a life plan. Period. It got old & unnecessary having to keep reading about it.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book. I can HONESTLY say this author is a talented writer. I think she should be VERY proud of her work in this book. If she sticks to her talent of writing strong dialogue & disciplines herself to not writing unnecessary & repetitive descriptive scenes & character thoughts, she will blow the other current new contemporary authors out of the water.

I'd recommend this book for the pure enjoyment I got out of it - especially the 1st half of the book. I will DEFINITELY keep my eye on this ever so talented author & her future work. Koodooz EC! :)