Colorado Courtship - Carolyn Davidson
No "Beautifully Damaged" Here!

I have been in the worse reading slump of my life. My. Joy. Gone. Devastating I tell you! But @ last, it came back to me w/this book. It was all the NA contempts that killed my joy. It took a good old-fashion frontier H & h to restore it. I found reading about a wagon train & frontier life enthralling. The H&h were passionate & sexy. I luv'd how committed the H was to the h. Tragic things happened in this book, but nobody was depressed or "beautifully damaged". They were fighters who pushed on. This author didn't try to make me "feel the pain". She made me "feel the luv", which is why I read romance for in the 1st place.

Carolyn Davidson, you have never failed me!! Thank you for writing what I consider what romance is suppose to be. & most of all, thank you for restoring my reading mojo!