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'PUKE'Is Not Only 'NOT' Ideal For Romance, It Can RUIN A Book!!!

At least it did for me in this one. There are some people in life that have different aversions to certain things: going to the dentist, pap smears for women, prostate exams for men, &... puke - vomit - barf. Puking is pretty damn disgusting if you ask me. I have NO IDEA what would compel a ROMANCE author to write about it. I would think this act would be best left to the horror or sci-fi genres. However, if a romance author would ignore better judgment & write the act of puking in his/her ROMANCE book, at least... at the VERY LEAST... have one's characters BRUSH THEIR FREAK'N TEETH before KISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my comment about 65%-70% into this book:

"OMG!!! The h just PUKED on the H, past out, woke up, caught the H wanking off in the shower, stepped in the shower w/H & started KISSING H w/o BRUSHING her TEETH! What the HELL is wrong w/this author??????? She just freak'n scarred me mentally!!!!! I don't know if I can finish this!!!!!!"

I did try to finish this book - a day later. After this scene, the H & h go at it again in the morning w/morning breath (plus still maybe puke breath from the night before). You know we are passed the dog shit smell by now!!!

This just ruined the book for me. I don't think I have any desire to read anything else by this author. I can't help it; it just totally grossed me out.