Second Rate Chances - Holly Stephens
I feel duped!!!!

I was a fan of this book - until the 88% mark. I would have rated this book 4/5 stars - until the 88% mark. I liked this H & this author - until the 88% mark.

As stated in the blurb, the H & h dated - broke up - the H gets involved in another relationship - H gets amnesia & still thinks he's w/the h when he's actually engaged to another woman. For 88% of this book, I liked both the H & the h. I liked the whole amnesia plot w/a shot for a 2nd chance. I liked the strong emotional connection between the H & h. I even liked the 2nd characters. For 88% of this book, the H has amnesia & we don't know all the details as to why the H left the h. 88% of the book I had hope in the H & this author that there was going to be a valid, acceptable & redeemable reason as to why the H left the h in the 1st place (maybe being blackmailed by the OW's father or something like that). Because of this belief, I tracked on with this booking thinking everything would be OK & there was going to be a rectifiable, acceptable HEA. NOT! I was duped!!

There was NO rectifiable, acceptable reason. The H was just a plain out ass. To make matters worse, when the H finally does regain his memory - after he "sees the light" to the error of his ways - after he promises NEVER to hurt the h again - especially AFTER the h puts her life inconveniently on hold to help out the 3-yr-estranged H - he goes & screws her over again.

Here's a spoiler as to why the H left the h in the 1st place & what he does once he regains his memory:
The H & h loses a baby during the 1st trimester of an unplanned pregnancy. (As I speculated.) Everybody's understandable sad & disappointed. The H - on his own accord - leaves the h to give her space to heal or whatever. The H throws himself into his work as a "distraction". He leaves the h & doesn't contact her, but apparently expects her to contact him. When she doesn't - cuz why in the hell wouldn't she when he's the one who left her @ a low point in her life - he goes off & gets involved w/his boss's daughter cuz "she's was there for him." SERIOUSLY!!! How can the h be there for the H when he's not there for her to be there for!! & then he gets engaged to the daughter - something he never "got around to do" w/the "love of his life", the h. Jeez! What an insult to intelligence.

H realizes just how bad he hurt the h. Realizes he's always luv'd the h & wants to be only w/her. Vows NEVER to hurt her again & plans on staying w/her. Sleeps w/her right before he regains his memory. Then magically regains his memory immediately afterwards. Goes a day w/his memory before telling her it's back. When he tells her, the h gets scared & tells him to go back to his fiancee. The H doesn't even try to fight w/the h. He decides to give the h her damn space again & leaves - AGAIN!!!

So what does the H do regarding his fiancee? Does he tell her he luvs the h & wants to be w/her like he said? Does he tell her he's slept w/the h? NO!!!! He tells her - get this - he needs "space" & time to think!!!!!!! He even lets the fiancee continue to planning their wedding!!!!!! He NEVER contacts the h to reassure her that he wants to be w/her. He lets her wallow in her hurt, rejection - AGAIN!!!!

After a couple of weeks, on his wedding day, the H then decides to tell the fiancee he wants to be w/the h & not her. He then FINALLY tells the h he wants to be w/her. & just like that, she takes him back.?.?.?

No! This H was not a redeemable H. Like I said, I feel duped. Wish I NEVER wasted my time reading this.