Taming the Bachelor (Moretti Novels, #1) - M.J. Carnal
Book Sabotaged By Own Author

I don't think I've EVER read a book that had so much going for it & then the author goes into WTF mode & totally destroys it like this book. I guess I should have expected something after the H's sister invites her wedding party, including her own brother the H, on a trip to a nudist beach. - - Yeah, let's all walk around with our boobs exposed w/dear bro. Good times I'm tell'n ya. Jeez. (eyes roll) Silly me; next time I'll learn my lesson.

I'm getting sick of man whores in books. I've seen enough of it. I really wish authors would come up w/another characteristic to beat to death for an interim to give us readers a break. However, the man whore H in this book was working for me. What else was working for me was the chemistry between the characters & the balance of descriptive text vs. character dialog. The dialogue was entertaining & witty. The author did a good job letting readers know what was going on w/the characters w/o overwriting what they were thinking. I hate when authors repetitively write the characters thoughts over & over. That stunts story flow; thus, hindering story progression. I HATE THE FRUSTRATION OF A SLOW STORY.

I was really enjoying this, however. I was going to share it w/my reading buddies. That all changed when the author went & sabotaged a decent story by writing something annoying & just plain out stupid with the introduction of 1 character...

The h's smoke'n hot sister. This character ended up becoming the major kill of the book itself. Here's why:
1. h's smoke'n hot sis's whole reason for being brought into the story in the 1st place. She's suppose to help house hunt w/the man whore H for the h's benefit instead of the h herself. Right. All this "benefit" is on behalf of a few day H/h relationship mind you.
2. The man whore H & his flirtatious demeanor & thoughts of h's smoke'n hot sis. This does not go well in convincing readers of the man whore H's redemption nor his "totally in luv w/the h" status.
3. The "snarky" "aren't-I-just-hot-shit" personality of the h's smoke'n hot sis. She so hot, every man's tongue hangs out drooling. Instead of adding value to the story, she added annoyance.

I did notice a few misshaps, but not too bad overall. I don't know If I'll continue on w/this series. Especially since the next book is about the annoying smoke'n hot sis & another man whore 2nd character. I didn't really like either of them in this book, so I'm not too keen on reading about them in another one.

This one had potential, just ended up not being for me.