Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward Where was the luv??????? Where was the sparks??????

Biggest book disappointment like EVER! I had such ... high ... hopes for Phury. After all that Bella crap - 4 books worth of Phury pining over Bella, his bro's woman, CRAP - I had to suffer thru - and J.R. Ward gives me this DUD!!!!!!! This is my 1st discovery that authors are human & they let their readers down. I have since then forgiven JRW - she did give me Rhage/Mary & Rehv (He really wants me & not Ehlena but he's just settling for her cuz I'm married.)

I liked Phury & Cormia as a couple. JRW got that part right - she just forgot to make sparks fly w/these 2. Especially - especially - after all the pining Phury did over his bro's woman, JRW needed to have the sparks flying @ full throttle, then spilling over, for Phury. JRW put more effort into Phury's adoration toward Bella & showed about a 1/4th of that adoration toward his true mate, Cormia. Not cool JRW. But like I said, all is forgiven due to Rhage/Mary & Revh. However, if you ever decide to thro this POC out & rewrite Phury's & Cormia's story, I'd be good w/that!