Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher

This Book Compelled Me ...To Question Myself ...Why In The Hell Do I Keep Reading This Kind of Crap?

Seriously? I had hoped that after the 3rd book ... of the SAME story ... that even though told in a different POV, there would have been some character development & maturity growth in these characters. I was disappointed to find that book 3 of this series is STILL the same characters STILL acting STUPID & then moaning & being miserable as the result of thus stated STUPIDNESS!!

Reading this book, & this whole series quite frankly, was basically equivalent to reading about a bunch of people doing something as stupid as purposely throwing themselves in front of a moving bus & then "woe-is-me-ing" about the results suffered. Then, as usually, the story's romance is some how accomplished when the H in some form or another beats on his chest & declares the h as "mine". In this story, this happens when the the strong willed h tells the H, "You make me weak." I waited 3 books for the h to become ...weak?? I guess us readers are supposed to think this H is swoon worthy because he some how breaks the h down to a "weak" status thus making him a victorious male conqueror. Sorry, but this seemed very juvenile to me & did not work.

This juvenile mentality is consistent throughout the whole series. These characters do not grow. They keep dealing w/the same problems of their own making. This repetitiveness made the story very stagnant & boring. The author didn't not give me anything to admire nor like about these characters. By series' end, I could have cared less if the H & h ended up together w/a HEA or not. Hello! A HEA is the epitome of a good romance. Needless to say, I felt robbed of my time & money spent on this series. I guess the author & I just weren't on the same track as to where this story could & should have gone & ended.