Sweetened With a Kiss - Lexxi Callahan 2.75 Stars. Started out good, but ....

.... it ended up losing me @ the end.

I really liked the H&h's relationship. Did not like the double standard of the H: He expected the h to have "no other boys" but it was o.k. for him to have OW. There was even a scene where the h finds the H w/an OW - albeit not cheating - just to be clear. Yeah. That poo don't fly w/me.

Honestly, I don't think this book was well thought out nor well executed. It was like the author pieced a couple incomplete stories together. The book started out w/the H having to deal w/some major Russian issue. Then all that kind of just goes away never to be addressed again. I'm still confused as to what that stuff was all about. Then the book switches gears & throws in in some crazy legal stuff w/the OW, an evil judge, the h's accusation of being brain damaged, & the H's charge of kidnapping his own wife. There's only like one paragraph describing how the good guys take down the bad guys for resolution. It left my brain boggled & confused as to what I read. All these additions came about around 85% or 90% into the book. Too much random stuff thrown in @ the end w/o proper execution resulted in a mind nuke for this reader.

To those it matters, I didn't really notice any major misshap errors. I probably would give this author another shot if any future books of her peak my interest.