Sweet Danger - Cheryl Pierson
Wanted The Bad Guys To Shoot...Me!!

I liked & really enjoyed the 1st 3 chapters of this book. After that, I got a headache from rolling my eyes so much & from being so frustrated w/the lack of story progression. @ book's beginning, I was happy for a 300 + page read. By book's end, I really resented the extra 100 pages of valueless repetitive torture.

* H/h chemistry.
* The beginning intrigue of the hostage situation, albeit short lived.

Eye Rolls:
* Ignoring the instant H/h luv.
* Ignoring the life long commitment after a few hours. (All for the sake of a good romance.)
* NOT ignoring the sex going on between the badly beaten H & the virgin h w/up-the-ass captures all around .
* NOT ignoring a 5 yr. old w/a gun - who doesn't even act like a 5 yr. old to begin with. Us mommies have a real problem w/children & guns. Golly, I have NO idea why.!.!.

* The hostage situation needed to end a lot sooner. One can only read so much about the bloody, gory mistreatment of the hostages b/4 it becomes repetitive & pointless to the story. The bad guys are bad - REALLY BAD - we get that. Move on.

* Unnecessary descriptive scenes & descriptive character thoughts. The book did not need ALL the scenes of the H's ex-partner nor the in depth description of them. We also did not need to to KEEP reading what the characters were thinking over & over again. We were already told what that they were thinking & where they were mentally 50% into the book. How the author kept going back & writing about what the characters were thinking added unnecessary junk to the book & frustrated THIS READER.

I didn't really notice any misshaps in this book. The plot set up was good. The author writes decent dialogue. She just doesn't need all the descriptive text she writes. That & she should be more conscious of & avoid major "eye roll" content.

I'd be willing to give this author another try, however.