Falling for a Bentley - Adriana Law Oh why oh why did I read this book?!?!?!? Technically, I "had" to skim around. I just COULD NOT read all this. I know this book is about addictions & all, & it's suppose to show the "dark" & "ugly" side of addictions , but come on? That doesn't mean we should have to tolerate a week, spineless, & pathetic h. This H's "sins" made him a "NO WAY, AIN'T EVER GOING TO HAPPEN" redeemable character. & the idea that this h would have ANYTHING to do w/this unremorseful H is just too insulting. I finally get the meaning of, "I need brain bleach". Good thing this was a freebie. Bad thing is I can't get back the time I spent on it. For those contemplating reading this, don't make the same mistake I made.