Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan
A Jealous/Possessive Hero Does Not Automatically Make a Good Romance Book!

Overall, I did not care for this book. For one thing, there was just too much over-dramatized-trauma-drama going on with the heroine.

The h's trauma-drama:
1. The Luv-of-her-life boyfriend leaves for the military.
2. Her parents are killed.
3. She has no family except elderly grandparents in which she must now move away to live with.
4. She is a pregnant 17 yr.
5. She is told her BF is dead.
6. She loses her baby.
7. He husband brutally abuses her for 2 years.
8. She is finally beaten so bad by hubby, she is put in the hospital.

All this happens within the 1st chapter. Sorry if I thought this was a bit overkill with the trauma-drama.

What made all this drama worse was the juvenile, whiny & over dramatic behavior of the h. The author really made her out to be some bipolar fruit cake who needed to be in a mental institute getting professional help. One moment the h was suppose to be strong & feisty making "snarky" comments. The next moment the h is sobbing buckets full of tears attached to some muscular, Greek god like dude's neck. Hence, my "bipolar fruit cake" description. Plus, the h NEVER wanted to deal w/issues, but rather wanted to forget them & get "wasted" instead. I felt the book had a very juvenile mentality to it. Truthfully, there was NOTHING to like about the h.

Since the h never wanted to talk about or deal w/anything, the story progression was VERY slow, & the resolution between the H &h was painfully unnecessarily long in coming for readers.

Yes this book did have an OTT jealous/possessive H, but due to his somewhat obnoxiousness & the other issues I had w/this book, It simply just wasn't enough to make me like this.

To those it matter, there are some grammatical issues. Certainly not the worse I've seen, but still enough to tick off the sticklers paying $4 for the book. The main issue I noticed was the punctuation errors. Most of those being coma splices & the lack of knowledge of the proper use of the semi-colon.

I've had a negative experience with this author's fangirls. Truthfully, this author's work & talent is not worth me having the face "raving" fangirls. I will avoid all future hassles & trouble by not buying anything else written by this author. There are enough "hassle-free" authors out there I'd rather spend my money on.