Lick - Kylie Scott
Let me start out by stating that this is a VERY good romance read! As my 1st KS book, the lady knows how to write romance! - among other things. The romantical chemistry between the H&h was spot on & so hot, it makes the book a standout. KS also wrote enjoyable & likable characters. I don't think I rolled my eyes once, & I found myself rooting for everybody. I was so engaged in the story, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading it.

That being said, I missed the full power punch with this story because it simply didn't have a "digestible" HEA (happily ever after) ending for me. I do believe that the author wrote & intended for this couple to have a HEA ending. However, there were just too many obstacles that prevented me from seeing a HEA for them. Don't ask me why it's an issue with some books & not others, but my cynical side got the better of me with this one. Being a fictional story to begin with, I can make some concessions to overlook reality. But when the concessions start stacking up, it makes it a little too hard to digest. Unfortunately that was the case here; the author just put too many obstacles on my plate for me to digest. My mentality could only accept a HFN (happy for now)ending for the H&h.

My perceived HEA obstacles:
1. The H&h's ages. @ the ages of 21 & 26, they are just too young to have staying power.
2. A lifetime commitment made within less than 24 hrs. of knowing one another.
3. Expecting fidelity from a word famous 26 yr. old rock star.

Overall, I'm glad I read this book. I certainly did NOT think it was a waste of time. Like I stated, the chemistry between the H&h was so hot, it will surely make for a satisfying read in that regard for any romance junkie. For that, koodooz KS! Keep 'em coming - just minus so many obstacles next time.