Breaking (Escorted, #1.5) - Claire Kent Well . . . I like this author, & I liked [b:Escorted|17206996|Escorted|Claire Kent||23585161], but [b:Breaking|18131220|Breaking (Escorted, #1.5)|Claire Kent||25467155] didn't do much for me.

This book is written from Ander's (H from "Escorted") POV. It is NOT a RETELLING of "Escorted" thank goodness. I HATE retellings from a different POV. (Talented authors should just get the story right the 1st around instead of having to "retell" a story in another book, IMO.) The plot takes place several months or so from where "Escorted" left off. Honestly, most of the story is H & h, Ander & Lori, having sex. There is an issue that Ander broods about that he must deal with. Other than that, I didn't feel it added any significance to the couple's story. The story is also sooo short; I think it took me 20-30 mins. to read.

I hate saying this because I do like this author, but unless you just want to read about the H & h having sex, I'd save the .99 cents & buy another book you could potential get a story of substance out of. Not much to miss in this 20-30 min. read. Sorry.