Broken Road - Elizabeth Yu-Gesualdi No doubt about it, this is a 100% pure YA read. So if YA is your thing,then this book is for you. I normally don't care for YA, but I did find this bk a nice break from my standard norm. I must give the author koodooz for writing about such young characters w/o making them obnoxious & intolerable to read about.

Summary: A young H&h w/issues meet, fall in luv while dealing w/issues, contend w/unknowing "bad" people, face major crises, defeat & walk away victoriously from bad people & major crisis, & end w/a HEA to a promising bright future.

Can't say that this book had my excitement level up too high, but there wasn't anything about it annoying or causing me to roll my eyes either. It was a nice calming read that I considered a nice "palate cleanser" between my standard normal romance reads - ones w/older Hs & hs.