Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden This book had the type of jealy/possy hero I like, so I should have liked it right?.?. Well . . . as much as I wanted to like this book, I just didn't.

My major dislike of this bk was the h. She was just tooooooo much drama for this mama & too much the ever so damsel in distress. The author had every bad thing happen to this h except kill her dog, which she didn't have a dog so that may have happened anyway. Add to that, every freak'n man wanted her. Lord knows there are enough bks out there where every woman is in luv w/the H (eyes roll), so most of the time I'm ok when the shoe is on the other foot & it's the h that every man wants. However, this time it didn't work for me because I just couldn't see what was so appealing about this h. She seemed like a high maintenance, whiny drama queen out of a 80's soap opera. I'd speculate most men would run from her instead of be drawn to. The author just didn't provide any scenes to show me something enduring about this h - like humor, generosity etc. The 1 scene that does stick out in my mind about this h is where she leaves the safety of her apartment in the middle of the night - after several attempts on her life mind you - to go dancing because she "needs" to. The way the scene described her dancing around from 1 man to another, well . . quite honestly . . it made me think the girl was a fruitloop.

While I liked it, I didn't understand why the H was so jealy/possy of this h. For me, there weren't any scenes to validate why he was like this. He supposedly stayed quietly in the background of this h's life watching her w/other men for 10 yrs - while he had other woman - then she comes to him for help 1 day & all this jealy/possy behavior is released just like that from this H.?.?. I guess I needed some more reinforcement to validate the H's feelings toward the h.

I appreciate what the author tried to do w/this story; it just didn't work for me. I will, however, try some other bks by this author some other time.