Picturing Perfect (Love of My Life) - Melissa  Brown The book should be name "Wait" not "Picture Perfect".

As much as I wanted to like this book, it just wasn't for me. I'm pretty impatient, & I hate waiting. That's what I felt like I did most of this book, with about EVERY character. There's so much waiting for something or another on something or another, then jumping back in the past . . . jeeze . . . I felt like I aged 50 yrs. before any story progression happened. I think I fell asleep like 3 times reading this. To be honest, I had to do some skipping to the end for my sanity sake.

The h & H both "WAIT" all their lives for each to be interested in one another - oblivious to the fact that they already are interested in one another. When the h picks up on the H's interest in her, she just found out she's prego w/another man's baby, so she decides to "WAIT" to show her interest back. When the couple finally clue in on one another's interest, the H wants to "WAIT" to be a romantic couple until after the baby's born. After the baby's born, the couple are "WAITING" before they start "playing house" so they won't confuse the baby because they are "WAITING" on the biological father to "shit or get off the pot" on whether or not he's going to be a father to his child. Not only do you have to wait things out w/the H & h, you have to "WAIT" out the h's Mom's emotional issues. Then you have to "WAIT" out the "something's-just-not-right" issues of the best friend.

Between all the waiting going on in this book & the jumping back to the past scenes . . ahhh . . . what can I say? Like I mentioned, I'm just not that patient. Sorry, this book was not for me.