Heart of Iron - Bec McMaster I don't know if it was because I was in the right mood & the right frame of mind when I read this book, but I luv'd it! It is now my favorite read of 2013.

Truth be told, I didn't think I was ready for this H & h to get together. That concern quickly dissipated within the 1st few chapters. This author really worked her mojo in this one. The book (& whole series)is action packed & adventurous. SOOOOO enjoyed the ultra possessive H, strong h, great 2nd characters & HEA.

The main thing that made this book such a huge hit with me is the H's & h's love & dedication for one another. This author has done one of the best jobs, IMO, in showing that connection & spark. Like I posted on another site regarding this book, ain't nothing . . . . I mean NOTHING . . . . like a H who goes BERSERK & destroys EVERYTHING in his path to get to HIS WOMAN!!!! Then goes BERSERK to protect her.

Like I mentioned, my new favorite book of the 2013. I'd give it a 10/5 just for the pure enjoyment I got out of it!!!!!!!