All He Ever Dreamed - Shannon Stacey Ok, I feel a little physco about myself when I think of this book. Here I complain all the time about wanting a contemporary read w/average 30-something characters who aren't physical or mentally abusive, don't cheat nor "share" luv. I FINALLY get one like that. This is that book. I should luv this book - right? Not. It was just so-so for me

I think the problem for me was that for about 80% of the book, I kept waiting for the H to take off & "live" his life. The H has begrudgingly stayed behind in his home town all his life to run the family business while his siblings were off living their lives. In the meantime, he grows up around the h whom he's always thought of as a buddy - oblivious to the fact that the h is in luv w/him. All of the sudden things change - the H starts seeing the h as a "woman", one w/a woman's body to "enjoy" - & the H gets the opportunity to go off & live his life. I think I needed a few chapters less of the H wanting to take off & a few more chapters of him wanting to stay & be w/the h for this book to have worked out for me. I just didn't feel a total luv connection w/this couple.