Against The Wall (Against The Wall #1) - Julie Prestsater Could have liked this book better . . . would have liked this book better if not for one simple fact . . . that these characters behaved & acted as they did @ their jobs . . . as TEACHERS!!!

Call me a prude, but these characters had NO business behaving & acting the way they did in a school environment. This was ABSOLUTELY the wrong setting for this author to have written this story w/these kind of "sexually" potent characters. I would have enjoyed the things going on in this book . . . would have enjoyed these characters . . . in a DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENT - any other place other than a SCHOOL!!! There's moping, cursing, making out, erection rubbing - - all going on in . . . SCHOOL CLASSROOMS!!! & it's not students doing these things . . . it's the TEACHERS!!!!! Seriously!!!!! This setting in this book was just so WRONG. It ruined an otherwise good story for this prude.