Heartbreak, Tennessee - Ruby Laska "She (H's mom) picked it (H's 16th birthday cake) up at the grocery store at the last minute. A leftover no one else wanted. I knew it because it had pink frosting." . . . . "Pink frosting on a forgotten boy's birthday cake. Amber's heart ached for the boy who'd longed for his parents' love."

SERIOUSLY!! S E R I O U S L Y!!!!!! S E R I O U S L L L L L L Y!!!!!!

Can anyone say "OVER DRAMATIZED" here? Boy, if pink frosting traumatizes as SIXTEEN year-old dude . . . . he must not be able to function very well in society.

Maybe I'm just a cold hearted beotch, but I find this hilarious not tragic. If any dude was traumatized by this - rather than laugh his a$$ off - he would not be a hero in my book.