Take Me - T.A. Grey I'm turning into a T.A. Grey fan. This is the 1st bk of a PNR series. There's things I did like about this book - alpha/jealous/possessive H, no cheating, no ménages, the 2nd characters & their relationships. & there's things I didn't like about this book - h got on my nerves, both H & h do jerky things to one another (it's mainly the H doing the jerky things). For me this was an immature, fun read - unrealistic & immature behavior, but enjoyably delectable - like eating cookie dough or cake batter off a spoon. I hate when this happens, especially when there's no news of future book releases, but I'm hooked on this series & I'm impatiently awaiting the H's brothers' stories to come out. I'm really, really, really wanting Lucas' & Beth's story next. Oh, pretty please hurry & release their story TAG - I'll even let you lick the spoon!