The Mistress Mistake - Lynda Chance Out of all of LC's books, TMM was my least favorite. It just wasn't very "romantic" IMO. The premise of this book is an arranged "mistress/client" relationship between the H&h. The rich, virile H just wants available emotionless, clinical sex. The dirt-poor, innocent h desperately wants $$$$ to finish her college degree. I usually like LC's ultra-alpha H's. IMO, however, the H went too far above & beyond this that he was more of an a**hole one should run from & not an ultra-alpha one's toes would curl from. I found his alpha/jealy/possy abrasive rather than enduring. The h was strong & spunky & didn't let the H push her around, which I liked. But I thought the she was just too innocent & young to be having a HEA w/any man let alone this cold H. I didn't really believe the H was capable of having a healthy relationship - the h didn't really have a chance to live her life - thus, I didn't believe this H&h's HEA. Believable HEAs is a must have in my romances.

What I appreciate about TMM is it stays about the H&h & their relationship. I hate it when authors have cheating, descriptive smex with OW/OM & multi-loving smex in "romances". Not being my thing, they are HEA bridge-burners for me. The H&h only had eyes for one another - that I believed!

While this may not be my favorite LC read, I’m a LC lifey-fangirl. She’s an auto-buy for me even if I don’t know what the book is about. LC has won me over with her talent, ultra-alpha/jealous/possessive H’s, & how gracious she is toward her readers. I’ve never know her to display any negative conduct that would earn her a “Badly Behaved Author” label. Those kinds of authors are like the wicked witch in the “Wizard of Oz”. No, LC is like the good witch, Glinda, in the “WoO”. She is a “Beautifully Behaved Author”. Hence, my lifey-fangirlism. LC is definitely an author I will always come back to!