Twice the Trouble - Sandra Dailey ** SPOILER TALK **
This author committed one of the BIGGEST story plots' sin: The h hid from the H that fact he was the father of 13 yr. old twins - even after they reappeared in one another's lives - even after the H & his children met & were developing relationships. This is a big NO-NO Mz. Author!! In this day & age, this is an intolerable cruelty to do to your readers!!! The only reason I finished this book w/cuz of the 13 yr. twins, especially the boy. He was a snarky preteen, one I would not want to put up w/as a mother, but a character I found entertaining to read. It was due to these children I found myself finishing this "torcher-chamber" of a read just to make sure the kiddies would get their happy ending finding daddy!