The Deed - Lynsay Sands I know "to each their own & all", but seriously - so many "uptight" reviews on this one. So maybe this isn't the most historically "correct" read or whatever - go take a history course if you want that. And if anybody, I mean ANYBODY gets "offended" by the humor in this, you seriously need to consider "taking it down a notch or two". Dang, this obviously is meant to be a LIGHTHEARTED, fun read. Some people NEED to loosen up a little & enjoy life! Whether or not this kind of sense of humor may or may not be one's "cup of tea", this is a harmless, fun read!! I proudly admit finding myself laughing thru out. I'd rather laugh any time than to sit there w/a sourpuss face ticked cuz this isn't "historically" correct or offend w/the sense humor - at lease I some "sense" of humor. One of my favorite "funny" reads! & proud of it!