It Did It's Job


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~ ~ My Thoughts ~ ~


Overall, there were somethings I liked about this book; there were something I didn't.  That's pretty much how I feel about all of Ranae Ross's books.  Nevertheless, I always feel like I get a good contemporary romance 'fix' with RR.  She works for me.  Her romances are suited for my romance preferences.  What are my romance preferences?  College graduated aged adults (no YA/NA), no cheating, no multi-luv'n, no depressed "beautifully damaged" people, & no cliff hangers.  I also don't want to waste my time reading about exes, OW, or OM. I want to read a relational development & bonding between the H&h.  I ABSOLUTELY hate reading about Hs & hs who are 'hooked' on another OW or OM.  That plot NEVER works for me.  I'm always left feeling that the H or h is 2nd choice.  RR's reads aren't like that.  She gives you Hs & hs that are devoted to one another from the get-go, whether they realize it or not.  RR has proven herself pretty consistent to me.  I plan on sticking with her & her future work.