The Other C-Word - M.K. Schiller

I confess to contemplating ceasing center of this contemporary. I concede that consistent continuation cultivated concordant compensation since the conclusion was one of complete contentment. (Oh, how I cherish this communicating in the “c” correlation.)

(spoilish talk)

1. Wasn't a fan of the "R U Randy" sign humor. Hard to respect & want to read about a heroine so stupid - just saying.
2. The flirting-innuendo-making hero WITH A GF! I felt betrayed when I found out that the H had a GF w/the way he was flirting w/the h. Then I felt even more betrayed when all the other characters were saying the H's flirting was O.K. Ah... NO!... It wasn't! The GF was a thorn in my side. Until she was removed, I couldn't progress with the H&h's romance. It was a luv-"blocker".

1. The author got rid of the GF pretty quickly.
2. The week of "holding off" while waiting on the test results. Never really seen that done in a romance before. I thought it was a clever way on the author's part to build up 'passion' between the H&h. It went alooooong way to make up for strike 1 & 2.
3. Luv'd, luv'd how committed the H was to the h. Luv'd his "sometimes, luv hurts" statement. To me, that showed his dedication to the h.

My advice to this author: Since probably the majority of your readers are females, I suggest not making your heroines stupid &/or the brunt of men's joke. There is a difference between humor that's laughing "with" someone vs. laughing "at" someone. You kind of sabotage your own book when you make the most identifiable character with your readers the stupid one getting laughed "at". Just my opinion, however.