Redneck Romeo - Lorelei James
Overall, I did like this book. I liked the H&h & their chemistry together. While some of the book did drag on - I think the author "over describes" unnecessary stuff - I was keeping up & enjoying the H trying to prove himself to the h. That is until the last 25% of the book.

The momentum of the H&h & their chemistry just dropped off for me toward the end. Once it went, I couldn't get back into the H&h's "chemistry vibe" again. Thus, it kind of made the ending a bit of a disappointing dud for me. I think it was in large part due to the individual personal "issues" the H & h dealt with. I'm not a regular follower of this series, so maybe these "issues" - especially the H's family issues - didn't cause so much deadpan undertones to the faithful followers as they did me.

Here are some of my disassociating issues I had with the H & h toward the end causing their momentum drop for me:
I felt that the H & h just went off & did their own thing without really any regard or thought for one another.
* They didn't hardly associate w/one another toward the end of the book. They didn't live together nor did they hardly ever spend the night together.
* The H takes off by himself & leaves the h behind @ "HIS" father's funeral - with NO regard to her - as if leaving a "significant" other behind is no issue. WTF!?!?!?!
* The biggest breaker for me & this couple was when they spent a snow storm apart w/their families instead of together. The brothers wanted to be together so that they could take turns caring for the cattle. My issue: All the other brothers had (& wanted) ALL their family w/them - wives & kiddies - AS IT SHOULD BE. But not the H. He never gave 1 thought of being w/the h - for several days!?!?!?!? WTF!?!?!?! She was snowed in @ her mom's place.?.?.
* The h takes off for a week to do some job interviewing stuff. The H&h go about 2 wks w/o seeing 1 another - like being apart is no big deal.

Add all my "issues" together, it seemed like a deadpan relationship that either one could take or leave. They didn't seem like they just "had" to be w/1 another, that they "needed" 1 another. All the chemistry that the H&h had going just died. I think the author should have handled the personal "issues" sooner & different. She needed to show more of the couple's desire for each displayed @ the beginning book displayed toward the end. As it was, I didn't get their HEA & why they wanted to even be together. Their spark fizzled out for me by the end.