The Hermit - Shayne McClendon Sexual abuse is a "trigger" topic for me. I usually avoid books that I know contain it as a subject matter. However, this author was kind enough to put a proper warning in her blurb regarding this "trigger" topic, so I knew what to expect. For that, I thank you SM for being responsible & considerate to those who cannot digest this topic well.

As for the book itself ..... wow! SM wrote a very touching & moving story w/o trying to romanticize this demoralizing abuse. She never made the effects pretty, nor did she have a magical "peen" cure the trauma. She never lead anyone to believe that the results & effects of this abuse would go away & everything would be "alright". She acknowledges that this abuse damages, & some of that damage will always remain. The beauty of this story wasn't making everything "alright" & all better. The beauty of this story is the unconditional love, patience & acceptance one human being is willing to give to another despite them being damaged & not "alright".

Well done SM. I am now a fan! :)