Master - Raven McAllan

BDSM stuff is not my cuppa, & I usually pass on books regarding it. However, I decided to give this book a try because I was interested in the reconciliation between the H & h. The BDSM stuff ended up not bothering me. It was more the h that bothered me instead. Her emotions & thoughts were all over the place. She wanted some of the BDSM play - then she didn't. She wanted the H - then she didn't cuz they both were 2 dif people w/dif needs. She wanted to stay & work things out w/the H - then she takes off. Jeez! It was enuf to give 1 whiplash.

Then there was the fact I couldn't get past their 15 yr. separation. The H & h remained married, but they never once saw nor talked to one another that whole time.?.?.?

Too much of a mind nuke 4 me.