Cry of the West: Hallie (Finding Home Series) - Verna Clay
No Doinking Around!

I'm not a patient person. This book just tried my patience too much for me to enjoy this story. I liked the characters in the story. Liked the wagon train setting. However, I just felt frustrated & doinked around by this author w/the couples relationship. Maybe I had too much expectations in thinking this was going to be a romance. Honestly, it wasn't. I don't need nor did I expect any smexy scenes in this book based off of what I know of this author. I'm fine w/that. I've read plenty of books that didn't have any smexy scenes that I thought were ultra, super romantic (Georgette Heyer, Marcia Lynn McClure). But what I would have liked to have seen & known is this couple in a romantic relationship. That doesn't happen until the last 2-3 pages of the end of the book. 98% of the books is spent w/the H thinking he "can't" (for really unjustifiable reasons IMO) be in a relationship w/the h. I felt like I wasted my time w/this so called "romance".