Dead Again - Tracy Cooper-Posey This plot was interesting, & the 1st few chapters were exciting & showed promise. After that, however, this book seemed to draggggggg on. Too many descriptive detail of insignificant items such as buildings & what not (snooze). I found the majority of the dialogue between the H&h "gappy" & confusing. The H would start a conversation then stop saying, "It's best you just not know." I felt like the dialogue was missing info I was suppose to know from a previous conversation that I some how missed out on. I think the author was trying to keep the H "mysterious" & thus the story suspenseful by holding back info. I get what the author was trying to do; it just didn't work out. I think this was an earlier work of this author In the spirit of "lessons learned", I'd be willing to give some of her newer stuff a try.