Maybe Next Time...

Carter Reed - Tijan

I already posted how I felt about this book on an Amazon discussion thread.  Instead of writing something different here, I'm just going to paste what I already wrote.  


I didn't like this heroine because I thought she was annoying.  I didn't like the hero either. He reminded me of a Christian Grey copycat: young & ridiculously rich. That's about it. I couldn't tell you much more about his personality than that. 

Not only did I not like the book's characters, the book lacked a relational development between the H&h. AND the book lacked just plain old common sense. 

** IMO, the H&h didn't spend a lot of time together in the book. I actually felt more of a relationship development between the h & her bodyguard. There were really very few smex scenes compared to most - something I missed to connect these 2 together as a couple - & because the 'intelligence' to the story was so lacking I needed the additional entertainment value. Also, I was confused on the H&h's relationship because the H was basically a stranger to the h @ the beginning of the book, but was somebody who was "always" part of the h's family by book's end. All this lacking & inconsistency made making the H&h jive as a couple unsuccessful. I just didn't 'feel' the luv. 

** What mostly did this book in for me was the lack of common sense in the characters' actions, especially that of the h. It's hard to root for or to get caught up in the story of stupid people. Yeah, I"m a romance junkie like most of you; I want a luv connection in my reads. However, being the silly gal that I am, I like the idea of the story I spend $$ on & take the time to read to have some sense of intelligence to it. IMO, this book had a juvenile mentality to it. I'm wondering if this author might be on the young side. It's more on the lines of "Gossip Girls" than "The Bronze Horseman" in comparison. (& some people prefer that)

That's my opinion anyway. I'm sure there are a lot of posters that would appreciate the Christian-Grey-like character of the H. As for me, this type of H is a dime a dozen anymore. I personally appreciate characters a bit more interesting & different, thus more entertaining to me.


Since my speculation is that this author is on the young side, I'm kind of thinking she might grow as an author & person & develop future characters with a more mature mentality.  Because of that, I'd be willing to give her another chance If she writes anything else that peaks my interest.  Maybe I'll like her work next time.