I think I'm going to like this author & this series.

Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds

I read this one based on the hoopla it received on the Amazon threads.  I was not disappointed.  


Things I didn't necessarily like about book:  There were things I liked & didn't like about the hero & heroine.  The hero was ultra alpha, but just a little too controlling.  The heroine was alright, but slightly immature acting resulting in her being annoying at times. I felt the bad-mommy climax was a bit too much.  I wish the author would have came up with a better bad guy plot for her added conflict.  However, these things were not enough to deter me from enjoying the book overall.  


Things I liked about the book & made it a winner for me:  The H&h were it for one another.  No OW or OM crap to deal with.  No cheating.  No multi-luv'n.  No cliffhanger - even though I'm eagerly anticipating 2nd characters from this book to get their own stories.  The biggest shiny star of this book for me was the H's & h's relationships with their families.  So many times authors kill off their main characters' families.  I guess it's suppose to add more angst or something.  To me, they just eliminate a valuable source they could be using to entertain their readers with.   This author took full advantage this source, & made this book a hit for me.  


I like this author.  I like this series.  I'm sticking with them.  I can't wait for Trevor & Liz's story next.