This Is NOT "ROMANCE"!!!!

Craving Constellations - Nicole Jacquelyn

1st, I find nothing wrong with this author nor her talent. In that aspect, she's alright. My low rating of this book is reflective of the book's content & a feeling of misguided betrayal by the book's blurb. Based on the blurb & genre categorization, I thought I was getting a "romance" book of a resilient heroine who leaves an abusive relationship & seeks refuge from a loving father & her childhood home. Whereas, she encounters a new healthy, romantical relationship - one of "her choosing". That is not what I got. In fact, according to the definition or "romance" fiction, this book shouldn't even be categorized in the "romance" genre & simple be categorized as "fiction". Period.


Romance Definition:
ROMANCE FICTION: A literary genre. Novels in this genre place their primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and must have an "emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending."


-  As most already know, this book starts off with the badly abused heroine - abuse suffered at the hand of her husband - returning to her father's home with her 4 yr. old daughter after being away for 5 yrs.


-  The h's father is a vice president of a motorcyclist club/aka/MC - they are a gang of outlaws. The h grew up in this lifestyle & has decided that she wants a better life for herself than this. Thus, is the reason why she stayed away & was married to what she thought would be a respectable man. Little did she know that her husband was a wolf in sheep's clothing & turned out to be abusive rather than respectable.



*********** ~~ SPOILER ~~ Elements that made this a "non-romance" ************


The h left one abusive relationship & returned to the abusive lifestyle of her father's. She was treated abrasively & was threatened to stay & live this MC lifestyle "or else". Because of this, she was not given a 'free will' choice of what she wanted for her life, nor her daughter's. Since the h's free will is taken away by being threatened, coerced & told what she will or will not do "or else", there's no way she can freely choose her relationship with the H. Plus, the H was quite abusive toward the h. Thus, the 'romantical' aspect was eliminated. Examples:


SPOILER 1: The h had been so badly beaten & bruised by her husband that she finally collapses & passes out when she reached her father. As the h is being checked out & is regaining consciousnesses, the H clues in by the appearance of the 4 yr. old that she is actually his child - as a result of an 1-night encounter between the H&h. (Yes, I agree that secret baby plot is bad, bad, bad - I personally HATE it. But then again, the H lives his life as a criminal...) While she is still in bed after regaining consciousness, the H confronts the h. He is so mad, he grabs the ALREADY BEATEN UP h by the neck & slams her head against the headboard with a tight grip around her neck constricting her breathing. THIS IS NOT ROMANCE!!!! THIS IS FLUKING ABUSE!!!!


SPOILER 2: The h is UNJUSTIFIABLY treated like a bad person by ALL the gang members because she didn't want her child & her to live the lives of CRIMINALS when she left for those 5 yrs. She is treated as a "disgrace" for trying to live a normal, crime free life. It was NAUSEATING to read, to say the least. THIS IS NOT ROMANCE!!!! THIS IS FLUKING ABUSE!!!!


SPOILER 3: The president of the MC - supported by the h's father - tells the h: 1) She will NEVER, EVER leave the club again. 2) Her child will NEVER, EVER leave the club. 3) If the h does leave, it will not be with her child, & she will basically be walking into her grave due to her affiliation with her father's MC. The MC WILL NOT protect the h, & they will let the 'bad guys' do whatever they want with the h. This is really so nice since the h would be reaping the repercussion due her father & the MC's 'sins' in the 1st place! It wasn't like the h asked to be born into the criminal lifestyle & consequences of her father & his club. THIS IS NOT ROMANCE!!!! THIS IS FLUKING ABUSE!!!!


SPOILER 4: The women in this club are called "beotches". You know the 'real' word I'm talking about. The same word female dogs are called. That's what women are thought of in this book. THIS IS NOT ROMANCE!!!! THIS IS FLUKING ABUSE!!!!


SPOILER 5: When the H finds out the that h & he actually had twins & that the twin boy of his daughter died, he is so enraged with the h for not telling him, he SLAMS the h's face into the wall - hits her FACE causing an open door to slam back into her face as well. The h is left with a bruised, "hunchback" lump on her face. One to which even the abusive husband never gave her. The thing that so totally DISGUSTED me was that the author actually tried to justify the H's behavior. It was absolutely insulting leaving me with the desire to VOMIT!! THIS IS NOT ROMANCE!!!! THIS IS FLUKING ABUSE!!!!




I cannot act like a character in "The Emperor's New Clothes" with this one. I will not woo & ahhh acting like the emperor is walking around in fine clothing when he is actually butt-azz naked. Likewise, I WILL NOT woo & ahhh acting like this a 'romance' story when it's not. This is plain out ABUSE!! I gotta call this one out. To call this "romance" is just plain out insulting to one's intelligence.