Not For Me - I'm Looking For Romance

Ride (Bayonet Scars) - JC Emery

I found the plot interesting:  A motorcycle gang goes against an Italian mob. The motorcycle gang travels all across the country, when called upon, to get & protect of the heroine, a principessa to a crime family. 


This book turned out to be a BIG disappointment for me.  It started out really good, but somewhere around the 50% mark, things went south for me.  I felt the the 2nd half was a different book from the 1st half written by a different author.  


We all have our different likes & taste.  This book wasn't it for me.  I like "romance" in my romance books; thus, is the reason I mainly read books of the romance genre in the 1st place.  I personally don't consider this book suited for this genre.  For one thing, the "hero" doesn't really treat woman well in general, let alone the gal the author is trying to convince us readers he has a "luv connection" with.  And the heroine?  I was disguised with how little self respect this gal had for herself and how poorly she "allowed" the "hero" to treat her.  Yuck!  A thousand times YUCK!  No, I think it's safe to say that the "romance" isn't really working in a story when it leaves one with the desire to puke over the character treatment of one another & themselves.  That's my opinion of the matter, anyway.  I'm sure other will enjoy this story; I'm just not one who did.