This Book Left Me Depressed

Jake Undone  - Penelope Ward

Here's another book I'm way out in left field with compared to the other favorable reviews.  I just don't get it.  This book left me depressed, & in a way, feeling kind of betrayed by the H in this story & the author.  I spent money & time on this book.  You could say I was 'invested' in this book.  And like ANY "romance" book I read, I'm expecting a HEA.  Well...



I totally felt robbed of a HEA & the romance of this book due to the sick H's "ex-wife".  I'm too exhausted to go into all the details of this book, but while the H ends up married to the h @ book's end, he still spends time with his ex-wife once a week - until either one of them dies.  Quite frankly, it feels like the H is still emotionally intimate with his ex-wife.  That robs the romance build-up between the H & h I spent the whole book reading about.  And because the ex-wife is still in the H's life like this, it robbed me of a HEA feel-good-vibe.  It's like the ex-wife can snap her fingers @ a moment's notice & the H will take off running to her.  I want to know that the the h is it for the H & that she will ALWAYS come 1st - but I don't & can't feel like that as long as the H "allows" the ex in his life.  At the end, I feel like this is a 3 persons relationship.  That really bums me out!